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Livingstone Academy, Bournemouth

A pioneering school for the 21st century.

The school site will be completely unique in that it will incorporate buildings full of history.

The magistrates’ and coroner’s courts are being preserved as part of the school site and the wonderful courtrooms will be used by young people to stage their own parliament, as well as for debating and speaking competitions.

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Bournemouth University Gateway Building

The Bournemouth Gateway Building offers students and staff the latest specialist equipment for their education and research. This includes simulation rooms such as:

  • An operating theatre
  • Hospital wards, including an acute ward
  • Residential flat for simulating care in the home scenarios
  • Maternity birthing room
  • Skills labs for physiotherapy, occupational therapy and paramedic (ambulance) simulation
  • It will also contain an MRI scanner, which will benefit not only the students, but will be used for the training of practitioners from local trusts throughout the region, as well as providing valuable research resources for projects that beneficially impact society and our community.

With vast open areas the designers had to consider the use of acoustic panels and baffles to absorb the sounds of a busy learning hub.

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Edgbarrow School, Crowthorne

Our first project with ISG consisted of this new 3 storey block at Edgbarrow School. The new classrooms will provide learning spaces for Art, English and Maths.

Because of a tight budget, Gyspum were able offer VE solutions saving 8% of the contract sum these included; Utilising British Gypsum Glasroc X on the external, which is much lighter than equivalent products and enables operatives to score and snap eliminating the dust produced when using skill saws.

A change in ceiling tiles offered a huge saving whilst still conforming with the specification requirements.

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Charter Academy, Portsmouth

This school expansion in the heart of Portsmouth was designed to offer state of the art facilities and allow 300 extra students to enrol. The modern buildings offer the latest technology like interactive displays.

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Admiral Lord Nelson School, Portsmouth

This school expansion in the heart of Portsmouth was more a standard build for us. The multiple new classrooms were finished to a high standard to allow a seamless finish ready for decorating and housing of the school children.

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Portsmouth Academy

Three-storey, detached block of 1,500SqM. Works included, Grid Ceilings, Partitions and Float and Set to blockwork using Durafinish as the top coat for enhance durability.

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